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Dramatica Writer's Group

Live in the L.A. area? Have a story you're working on? Then take advantage of these FREE Tuesday night meetings and the opportunity to get direct feedback on stories you are currently working on. Sponsored by Write Brothers® Inc.

CLICK HERE for more information including meeting times and location.


Dramatica User's Group

Every month the Dramatica User's Group breaks down a popular story to see how one would approach such a work using Dramatica. This group is free and open to all and offers a chance to have any and all your Dramatica questions answered face to face. Find out what's up next... (Sponsored by Write Brothers® Inc.)

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Toastmasters 4 Writers

Toastmasters 4 Writers is a group dedicated to helping writers become better public speakers. Get out from behind the page. Learn how to pitch your story, talk in public, and help yourself become a figure the audience craves to meet. Or just plain learn how not to embarrass yourself when speaking before a group of listeners.

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