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REEL PEOPLE brings you crucial information about character and story through three forums:

» The Personalities
» The Workplates
» Reel Resource


Each of the eight major Personalities has been given a "file". Within each "Personality File" you will find sub files. For easy cross-referencing, the sub file titles are the same for each Personality. They are:

Overview - A definition of the Personality and a quick synopsis of three films that got it right.

Essays – In-depth analysis about the personality, as interpreted in hundreds of films. This is the heart of the resource material.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Each of the "Essays” ends with one entitled: Character Arc. In this section you can read the character arc of that personality as seen in one particular film from beginning to end.

Traits – Here you will find the behavioral traits that define a person with the particular personality style.

Attributes – Information on speech, professions, dress, and health.

Clichés - Popular terms that have been used to define the personality.

Similar - Information about other personality types that share similar traits and would be worth cross-referencing and learning about.

Viewing - A list of films that you can study to see how others have interpreted the personality.


The Workplates are a series of questions, divided into three categories. By answering the questions and printing out each page of the questionnaire, you can better define both character and story.


At REEL RESOURCES you will find information to help you further create, develop, understand, and interpret the fusion of psychology and storytelling.


Be sure to check back as Screenplay Systems and expand the on-line resources they are making available to you. There's more to come. You can also find additional information, ask advice, and discover much more by exploring KeyLight's Gazette. It's a town square devoted to psychology, creativity, and film.

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