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Finding Ourselves in the Movies

ith REEL PEOPLE you will discover a valuable resource to creating believable stories and authentic characters. Screenplay Systems and KeyLight are proud to present a new and unique tool to help create, define and deepen character. Developed by Howard M. Gluss, Ph.D. from graduate courses he has taught on the nature of psychological portrayals in film and refined through private consultation, REEL PEOPLE gives you a way to "psychoanalyze" characters and in the process make them come to life.

Dr. Gluss' valuable background in both the arts and psychology has made him invaluable on matters of not only story and character, but the very nature of the creative process. Because of this, Dr. Gluss has been called upon by directors, writers, actors and producers to assist in bringing to life their most inspired creations. Now, for the first time, the insights of both Dr. Gluss' private consultations and the soon-to-be-published book can be yours...here on the web!

Welcome to REEL PEOPLE. It is our hope that the resources made available to you inspire creativity. We encourage you to keep an eye on this site as it developes and grows. In addition to the material here, we also suggest that you explore "The Gazette", as well as the consulting and seminar services at KeyLight.

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Reel People is also available in hardback and paperback for purchase. For more information, please see the "Buzz On The Book" section of this site.

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