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Key Light. It is the brightest light and casts the main shadows in a scene. It gives a sense that the light in a scene is coming from one particular direction.

That's what the KEYLIGHT Company was created to do. Shed light on a scene. Not with the usual instruments of the trade but by providing a source of direction from expert knowledge. With a background that includes an education at the Banff School of Fine Arts, the acclaimed American Conservatory Theatre, and the California Graduate Institute, Howard Gluss, Ph.D. brings to his knowledge of psychological theory a rich history in the arts. This training has made him a valuable asset to writers, actors, directors, producers, as well as the much-maligned studio executive who appreciate his understanding of the creative process.

Through the services of Dr. Gluss' company, KEYLIGHT offers you the opportunity to experience the fusion of psychology with the disciplines of the arts.

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