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StoryView: The Amazing Outlining Software


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"It's a remarkable new visual outliner that lets writers brainstorm, create, structure, and organize their ideas. Usually, I don't buy into the software developers' self-aggrandizing hype; but it turns out they are being modest. For writers, this program rocks!"

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StoryView gives you the most powerful way to outline, plan, and present your ideas! It is a remarkable visual outliner for writers that lets you brainstorm, create, structure and organize your ideas. StoryView uses a timeline format that is vastly superior to index cards, blocks, and traditional outlining systems.

StoryView has limitless space for your big ideas. The software enhances the research and organization of your writing, helps you visualize your story structure, and speeds the process of brainstorming and creation. It lets you create virtual index cards that contain unlimited text: from a few words to hundreds of pages.

"On the surface, Storyview is an outlining program, but that's where it begins. It is an electronic index card system, and it is a timeline, and it is a brainstorming device, and it is just about the most versatile and creativity enhancing program I have encountered."Tom Kane, screenwriter and novelist


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