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Dramatica Story Expert 5 (Upgrade)
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Enter your current Dramatica® Pro serial number and upgrade instantly. If you can’t find your number or recall your registered name, please call 1-800-84-STORY and order by phone.

NOTE: The serial number and purchaser's first and last names must match the registration information on file to upgrade through this site. If you have problems upgrading electronically, please contact Write Brothers® at 818-843-6557 and press 1 for Customer Service.


Compatible with Mac OS X 10.5.8 and higher, including Lion, Mountain Lion,  Mavericks, and 10.10 (Yosemite).

NOTE: Dramatica Story Expert for Windows is in the works and we'll announce its availability as soon as it is ready for prime time.

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MSRP: $199.95

Dramatica® Story Expert™ is the newest software based on the Dramatica story development system. It has powerful new writing tools for both aspiring writers and established professionals.

Got a story in mind?

How about an idea for a story? Either way, Dramatica® Story Expert™ is a great place to start. As your creative writing partner, it takes you to a special place—a story development environment where together you'll solve the plot and character problems that prevent many good stories from becoming great enough to sell.

Cast and build your characters, plot out your story, layer in themes with universal meaning, and put it all together into scenes to form a solid step outline. Dramatica Story Expert, like all Dramatica products, does something no other writing programs can do—they predict parts of your story based on creative decisions you make! You'll be delighted to see how many of your creative choices Dramatica Story Expert agrees with—and amazed when it presents ideas you haven't thought of yet. You'll be inspired to incorporate those ideas into your developing story and make it even tighter—with no plot holes or character inconsistencies!

Join the Dramatica Community
Thousands of novelists, screenwriters, playwrights, and fiction writers use Dramatica Pro to perfect their story. When you write with Dramatica, you'll join a large supportive writing community.


Dramatica Story Expert improvements over Dramatica Pro:

  • PROJECT OVERVIEW: The project overview shows you your story at a glance. It lets you identify your story's title, author, logline, and brief synopsis. The project overview also shows you the four key threads, or throughlines, in your story. These include the "big picture" thread of the Overall Story throughline, the personal thread of the Main Character, the impact of the Influence Character, and the heart thread of the story in the Relationship throughline.

  • GISTS: Building on Dramatica Pro's outstanding question and answer system, Dramatica Story Expert lets you customize Dramatica's terminology with "gists," short descriptive phrases, so that questions conform to your writing style and the story's subject matter.

  • MASTER STORY ENGINE: One of Dramatica Story Expert's more advanced features is the new Master Story Engine. The master story engine gives you fifty-six story points with which to control the story's underlying storyform. As you make specific story point choices, Dramatica's interactive story engine shows the effect on the remaining story points. By identifying the parts of the story you know best first, the story engine automatically identifies the implied items that support your choices. Dramatica is the only system that can tell you more about your underlying story dramatics than you tell it. .

  • NEW TOPIC LISTS: StoryGuide topic lists incorporating "Dramatica for Screenwriters" techniques including Dramatica in Thirty Seconds, New Instant Dramatica, and Using the Plot Sequence Report to Create Scenes.

  • Getting Started Window, new menus, large character pictures, updated reports window, better name generator, better brainstorming tools, generate scenes command, font controls and preferences, and more.

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