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Script too long? Shorten your scripts using Streamline™ for Screenwriter 6 from Write Brothers®. Turn hours of drudgery into minutes or seconds with Streamline™.

"One of those game-changing ideas that you can't believe you lived without."  Hans Tobeason, NBC's Believe, Cult, Damages, V, Saving Grace

Get this new plugin for Movie Magic® Screenwriter™ 6 today. You won’t know how you lived without it!


Streamline™ is an add-on plug-in software program for Movie Magic Screenwriter that helps writers give an extra polish to their screenplays before sending them out to producers, directors, actors, and agents. Streamline examines a script for places where word changes or small edits can reduce the total number of pages. Streamline turns hours of manual drudgery into minutes or seconds of automated work. Streamline gives writers a way to shorten their scripts without cheating!

How does Streamline do it? Streamline scours a script for page-saving opportunities by going through the document, word by word, looking for places that benefit from fine-tuning. Streamline collates, prioritizes, and presents the results in a window as suggestions. Each chance to shorten the script identifies where it is by page and paragraph number, as well as shows the word highlighted in context of the material surrounding it. Streamline suggests what to do with the word and may even display a list of possible synonyms.

In addition to the powerful single-pass through the document option, Streamline can make multiple passes through the document to maximize the potential for reducing the document’s page count. This puts unheard of power at a writer’s fingertips.

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