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Screenwriter 6 (Upgrade)
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Movie Magic® Screenwriter™ Overview

Movie Magic® Screenwriter™ is an all-in-one package for any story you want to write. Screenwriter handles script formats for motion pictures, theater, television, novels, comic books, and more. It formats while you write so you can focus on what you are writing, not where it goes on the page. Screenwriter’s massive set of features makes writing and rewriting fast and simple.

New in Version 6:

  • Integrated outlining lets you create and manipulate outlines up to thirty levels deep.
  • The NaviDoc™ technology lets you navigate through your document effortlessly and has four panels:
    • The Outline panel lets you add, remove, and rearrange outline elements
    • The Scenes panel lets you navigate and sort your scenes at the click of a button
    • The Bookmarks panel lets you set bookmarks to jump to any place in your document
    • The Notes panel lets you create and sort color-coded notes & note categories
  • Over 30 new templates for a total 104 templates and 12 sample files
  • 25 new TV show templates for a total of 86 TV templates
  • 2 new sample files (comic story arc & radio play) and 2 updated sample files (screenplay and stage play) for a total of 12 sample files
  • 3 new Instructional templates (classic film structure outline, screenplay, & sitcom structure) for a total of 8 instructional templates
  • 4 new blank templates (generic comic, Gossett-Kayle comic, radio play, & radio show) and 1 modified template (stage play) for a total of 10 blank templates
  • Courier MM Screenwriter custom-made font for superior onscreen display and printing—not available anywhere else on the market
  • Improved tool bars & context menus
  • Fit width zoom automatically adjusts the text size of your script as you resize the window
  • Redesigned look and feel to accommodate the latest versions of Windows and Mac
  • Menus reorganized for easier use
  • Send documents as email attachments in RTF or Adobe Acrobat PDF formats
  • Retain previous versions of documents
  • Makes back up copies of documents
  • Automatically checks for Updates

Other Powerful Features:

  • Advanced word processing
  • Real-time spell checking and spelling auto-correction
  • Automatically checks for formatting errors
  • Formats for screenplays, TV, novels, stage plays, comic book scripts etc.
  • Fully editable index card view
  • Compare two documents
  • Customizable user links
  • Text-to-speech
  • Name bank
  • Thesaurus
  • iPartner™ online collaboration
  • Official formatting software of Writers Guild of America, East and preferred file format of WGA, West
  • Password protect documents
  • Import files from any word processor
  • Export to many file formats
  • Selective export to PDF
  • Storyboard linking (Windows only)
  • Comprehensive production script management
  • Full production breakdown reports
  • Industry standard revision draft colors
  • Revision tracking for shooting scripts
  • Integrated script tagging for export into Movie Magic Scheduling & others
  • Generate set lists and rundown sheets
  • Real-time scene renumbering
  • Free Internet and email support
  • Free phone support

Movie Magic® Screenwriter™ is the ultimate industry-standard writing tool crafted by Write Brothers®, the world’s most experienced developer of creativity writing solutions. Write Brothers® is the only company to win an Academy Technical Achievement Award for screenwriting software and has been behind the top award-winning feature films and television productions for over a quarter of a century. Our unparalleled experience makes Screenwriter 6 a tool with the flexibility to craft your story, your way.

Designed by produced writers, Screenwriter’s extensive features accelerate your creative workflow helping you craft polished, industry-standard script formats with less effort.

Screenwriter 6 sets a new standard for ease-of-use, flexibility, and reliability.

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